Why Mexico?

At some stage in our lives we begin to ask ourselves, or our partners, questions concerning how and/or where we want to spend our remaining good health years. While there is much information about certain areas of the world, a particular climate, or an exotic locale, it seems that there is not much information regarding the basics. If for example Mexico is a chosen destination, questions such as this may arise: what should we expect, what can we take with us, what can we buy there, what transportation options exist, is there someone who will maybe help us a little, etc?

Let us assure you, thousands of Canadians and Americans (Northerners) have traveled the road to Mexico, either literally by road or in arriving via some other form of transportation. This site is intended to be helpful for those who are simply inquisitive or maybe interested in Mexico as a possible second home. It is certainly not an attempt to convince those who have already made a decision that some particular place or country is not for them.

The thousands of Northerners that either visit Mexico, make it a second home, or have chosen to actually make the move, started with the simple decision to visit. Why? Well let’s visit the primary attractions.

Reasons 1,2 and 3 are probably too close to rate, so let’s just say these are likely the three primary motivations…

1. The Climate

Mexico is blessed with (winter) climate choices that include everything from temperate forests where it can snow in the winter to the deserts of the north west including the Baja California. Mostly of the climate zones frequented by Northerners who spend extended time in Mexico however, are either the areas that are comfortably cool in the winter and yet not too warm in the summer, or some section of Mexico’s 9330 km. of tropical MexicoDream oceanfront locations.

2. The People

Those who love Mexico will tell you that – It’s the people! Mexicans are simply among the kindest and most thoughtful people on the planet. They worry not about their investments, the kind of car they drive, their address, or even if they’ll catch a fish tomorrow; instead they live for today and for the experiences that will occur as the day progresses. Families are very important, as are the loyal friendships they will make with you. Mexicans will help in any way they can, taking pride in anything they do, with no job being to menial.

3. The Accessibility

Yes Mexico is on this continent and accessible by car if need be. Tens of thousands of Northerners drive into Mexico each year to ‘Live the Dream’; their dreams. Those who own property will display family pictures on their walls and/or maybe furniture items brought from home. Ask these people why they chose Mexico instead of an Island somewhere and you’re likely to a myriad of answers that include accessibility. If we review our geography, we are in fact all a part of America, and Mexicans will remind you of that occasionally.

4. The Innumerable Other Reasons That You Will Find For Yourself!

The next group of ‘Why Mexico’ reasons include value, services, culture, learning a new language, golfing, fishing, socializing, traveling, etc.; take your pick. Bottom line is that Mexico is a prime destination for we Northerners and each year more of us join the migration south each fall and winter. Let’s just say that we all appreciate the price relief we experience in Mexico, the activities we enjoy without dealing with temperature variations, daily or frequent affordable services that we can only dream about at home, the few new words we learn each week, the winter golf, great fishing, meeting people from all over and close to home, traveling to some new-to-us and unique city or area, making new friends in our adopted country, and maybe even shopping for items we can’t access at home.

This site is intended to be of value by relating the experiences of others to you with well chosen words. You can know that we’ve chosen Mexico, and that if there are regrets, those would be that we didn’t do it sooner. It’s not possible to change that so we simply treasure every day that we spend in our new adopted country and in our exciting new Mexico home.

Please check us out! Contact the MexicoDreamTeam and let us know if we can be of help.

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