Glenn Weyrich, a Canadian expat who lives in Manzanillo, has been working diligently at trying to understand the various stages of rulings regarding foreign- plated vehicles. His reports:

Lots of us have foreign plated vehicles that we have brought down from Canada and the USA. Given the recent changes to Mexico’s visa system for foreigners, many of us have little choice but to become permanent residents. But, apparently permanent residents cannot have foreign plated vehicles that have been temporarily imported.

There is a great blog in the Yucatan that is trying to organise an email campaign from all of us to our embassies and consulates here in Mexico. The goal is to get them to either allow us to keep our foreign plated vehicles or relax the restriction on them temporarily. Here is the blog:

Please email any or all of the following embassies and consulates:

Canadian Ambassador in Mexico City:
Canadian Consulate in Cancun
Canadian Consulate in Guadalajara
Canadian Consulate in Puerto Vallarta
Canadian Consulate in Mazatlán

US Ambassador in Mexico:
San Miguel Allende US Consul Agent, Edward Clancy:
Merida Yucatan US Consulate:

You have no doubt heard about all the Canadians and Americans here in Mexico that have foreign plated vehicles in the country on temporary importation permits. Due to Mexico’s visa changes, many Canadians and Americans have very little choice but to become permanent residents. There is lots of confusion out there, but it appears that permanent residents cannot have foreign plated vehicles.

I would appreciate your help in persuading the Mexican authorities to relax or rescind this policy, even for a couple of years, to give all of us time to change our vehicles over.

I would like to see the Mexican government policy be something like the following:
Until further notification, all Aduana Permisos de Importación Temporal de vehículos remain valid, as long as the permit holder maintains a valid INM permit, including Residente Temporal y Residente Permanente Tarjetas de Residencia.

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