What is Perla Del Mar?

Perla Del Mar – sounds kinda’ nice doesn’t it?

What does it mean?

Get ready to experience one of the most luxurious condos for sale in Mexico! In fact, the name is literally translated into English as “Pearl of the Sea”. Perla Del Mar has become an oceanfront pearl for 19 lucky owners from Canada, the United States, and Mexico. There are 4 lucky people/couples/groups who will be future owners, and who have either yet to discover Perla Del Mar or have yet to decide to be one of those who will choose to enjoy this tropical paradise and the carefree lifestyle.

Perla Del Mar is a special development located on one of Manzanillo’s finest beaches. Please, don’t just take it from us. Check out this totally independent review of the finest places to retire in the world, done two years ago by International Living. Note in the section devoted to Manzanillo, that International Living identifies Las Brisas beach as being one of the finest beaches in Manzanillo! And that is precisely where Perla Del Mar is located.

How did Perla Del Mar come about?

Perla Del Mar is the result of the desires of a group of people who had these criteria in mind. They wanted a new property built to luxury standards, services nearby, real oceanfront with sunset views, a great beach, a naturally safe community, good security for themselves, and all of this without forfeiting the quality of life that comes with living in a truly Mexican environment. The search for this Pacific paradise property ended when forty-five integral meters of oceanfront was located on Las Brisas beach in Manzanillo.
Las Brisas was one of the first areas developed in the two beautiful bays that make up Manzanillo. Because it is the only oceanfront in the area that enjoys sunsets into the Pacific, it was years ago and is today, premium property. As it is reborn now, investors from the Mexico and abroad have recognized it’s potential. The current and previous mayors live in Las Brisas and at it’s southern terminus, it is home to some of the Mexican navy and the best hospital in Manzanillo (available to civilians). Because Las Brisas is also a peninsula, it has limited traffic and a quiet atmosphere where Mexican families enjoy their homes and linger on the streets and squares into the late evenings.

Perla Del Mar owners can source much of their daily needs within this little community and have the opportunity to enjoy many restaurants and vendors that are within walking distance. Even a Scotiabank, a GM dealer and a Honda dealer are close by, and a car wash is within a block. A short distance by road brings one to all needed services, and the capital of the state of Colima, Colima City, is one hour away.

What’s So Special About Perla Del Mar?

Because the Pacific coastline in the Americas has the potential from time to time to be affected by earthquakes, Perla Del Mar is engineered to withstand these forces of nature while suffering minimal damage. As one retired builder who watched Perla being built will tell you, “If there is ever an earthquake in Manzanillo, you’d better run into this building”.

Perla Del Mar is a steel frame building. Construction that employs structural steel, while being more expensive, results in a building that is also much lighter than typical concrete and rebar structures. This reduced weight allows for some flexibility while maintaining structural integrity, all while protecting its contents, which of course includes you.

Designed by two of Manzanillo’s finest architects, Perla Del Mar exudes quality and thoughtful design. This husband and wife team have forged their reputation by constructing more fifty custom homes in Manzanillo’s La Punta, a very special address that is home to discreetly wealthy owners from all over the world. As well, local authorities call on them for design input for most public projects, and they have designed and built several commercial structures for Manzanillo’s port businesses. It’s no wonder that Perla Del Mar has earned the reputation as Manzanillo’s ultimate address.

Perla’s design team chose premium materials for cabinet and finishing construction, and more importantly, a craftsman who excels in making people happy. As a result the cabinets and finishing are truly the finest available. This husband and wife team who are in charge of this important construction component, are known as the best in the state of Colima, and their post construction service has earned them a stellar reputation in the area.

What’s in this for me?

There were a long list of wants that were addressed when Perla Del Mar was in the ‘thought stage’. By carefully attending to this list, these features are in integral part of the construction and will be appreciated for many years. In addition to a design that captures the gorgeous Pacific views, Perla has another good side that is faced with greenery and interesting features. The back of Perla is a tribute to its design team and a treat for its owners. For viewer from any vantage point, Perla is a treat for the eyes. Its no wonder that those walking the beach stop and turn away from beautiful Manzanillo Bay to stare at Perla Del Mar.

Time passes and Perla’s owners wanted homes that would satisfy their changing needs. With that criteria in mind, the design team incorporated a wonderful parking floor that includes storage for each of Perla’s owners. In addition an elevator provides easy access to each floor (with emergency stand by power) and ramps are an integral part of the construction. Perla Del Mar provides oceanfront living that will satisfy the changing needs of its owners for many years.

Nothing was spared in making Perla Del Mar the finest it could be; from the steel structure, to the details of soft close drawers. Three different marble finishes are used for engineered reasons, granite and marble face the kitchens and baths, solid hardwood is used in the doors and cabinets, and stainless steel is used wherever possible. Even the interiors of the built in closet drawers are constructed of Spanish Cedar. Services plumbed onto the decks include power, gas, water and sewer, and every home has sliding floor to ceiling patio doors that disappear into storage bays when opened.

If all of this sounds too good to be true, there are several people (current owners) who will tell you it is really, all true! Certainly a visit will confirm that Perla Del Mar is Manzanillo’s ultimate address. In addition, Perla has a great staff who are employed to maintain your investment, keep Perla secure 24 hours a day, and ensure your time spent there is relaxing and without stress. Perla Del Mar is truly a great way to Live the Dream!

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