About Us

We are an Alberta semi-retired couple who are Living our Dream in Mexico (including our dream of what winter should be). Our business history has often been that of unique projects, meaning that most often if what we needed was not available, we simply built it.

Having engineered and then operated a large farm feedlot, serving as Alberta president of our industry association, and later, creating and successfully operating a large Agri-business; accepting challenges comes naturally. Much of our lives has been spent outdoors facing the elements every day of the year, so those experiences coupled with the promise to ourselves that we would one day have warm choices, resulted in our exploring a number of tropical destinations. Several research trips later we discovered that Manzanillo, Mexico in the state of Colima offered a good balance of value, access to services, location, climate and cultural experience.

In the Manzanillo area we were confronted with property choices that did not meet our expectations. Because of past experience and confidence expressed by others in our ability to make it happen, the optimum choice was to build.

Integrity has always been uppermost in our dealings and that history of doing business right, coupled the desire to not live out our long winters at Canadian latitudes, became important values that we believe attracted others to ‘living this dream’. Several friends and business acquaintances have been beside us from the beginning, and together we share magnificent Pacific sunsets, wonderful Mexican hospitality, great value, unique cultural experiences, and dream perfect climate, any time of year. This is truly “Living the Dream”.

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